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Study trip – technical/industrial cultural heritage in Norway

Dept 58 - International Relations
Dept 58 - International Relations


The study trip focusing on selected technical and industrial cultural monuments in Norway was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage the donor programme partner on 28-30 November 2018. The aim of the study trip was to support bilateral cooperation between Norway and the Czech Republic in the area of the technical/industrial cultural heritage and to facilitate networking and establishment of cooperation between potential applicants in the upcoming open calls under the Programme „Culture“ and potential partners from the donor states.

Following the immense interest, 27 representatives of Czech expert and cultural operators selected in the open call participated in the seminar. On the Norwegian side, 17 representatives of related cultural operators from Norway and representatives of the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage took part in the seminar.

Nest to the visits of several technical and industrial venues in the surroundings of the lake Mjøsa, an information seminar was held as part of the agenda. During the seminar the participants were informed about the Programme Culture implemented in the Czech Republic and future possibilities of funding and bilateral cooperation, current situation in the Czech Republic mapping examples of industrial/technical heritage restoration projects and innovative ways of revitalization of cultural heritage in Norway.

The study trip introduced good examples of use of industrial/technical objects in Norway that no longer serve their original purpose. Generally, economically sustainable use of objects for local and regional development allowing cultural and social opportunities for local inhabitants is fostered in the restoration projects. The pattern of such use varies based on the character of the objects and the needs of the region. The study trip showed several examples of cultural entrepreneurship relevant for the Programme and upcoming open calls in the area of cultural heritage.

Presentations from the seminar and the agenda of the study trip are available for download: