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Opening ceremony of a modern police training facility in Kutná Hora: An important step for safety and professional development

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


On 12 March 2024, a new police training facility was inaugurated in Kutná Hora, created by reconstructing part of the former barracks in Žižkov. The symbolic ribbon-cutting marked the start of operations of this modern facility, intended for the education of police officers and police employees, as well as to support local and state government initiatives.

This training center is the result of the PDP2 project "Modernization of the Police Training Centre," aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the police training system, strengthening crime prevention, and improving the security situation in the Czech Republic.

In addition to the Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakušan, and the Police President, Martin Vondrášek, the ceremony was attended by the representative of the Norwegian Embassy in Prague, Per Øystein Vatne, and other important guests. Martin Vondrášek stressed the significance of the new facility in improving the professional training of police officers and staff.

Slavnostní otevření policejního výcvikového centra

The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the opening of a modern police training center in Kutná Hora.

Czech Interior Minister Vít Rakušan took the opportunity to praise the work of the police officers and expressed his hope that the new facility would be used to host high-level international conferences. "I appreciate that the facility will serve not only to further the professional growth of police officers but also be available to local government and state administration."

The facility comprises three renovated buildings: a training facility equipped with classrooms and computer labs, an accommodation facility for participants in training events, and a conference meeting room. Additionally, it features a multifunctional training polygon with an obstacle course meeting NATO standards.


The training polygon meets the NATO standard

The accommodation facility offers hotel-standard rooms with a capacity of 90 beds, each equipped with its own sanitary facilities and a common room featuring a kitchenette. The educational facility is intended for various courses and training sessions, including participation by professionals from the public sector.

The conference hall, boasting a capacity of 96 seats, has been utilized since last year for a range of activities, including management courses, meetings, workshops, and joint sessions of Czech-Polish patrols. While these activities have primarily been in one-day formats thus far, plans are underway to expand to multi-day courses. This multifunctional and modernly equipped room provides an ideal environment for various types of professional training and international cooperation in the field of security.


The new facility provides accommodation, training space, as well as a relaxation area

The Police of the Czech Republic is already planning further development of the facility according to the current needs of professional training from its own financial resources. This step opens a new stage in the field of security and professional development of the police in the Czech Republic.

The opening ceremony of the Mmdern police training facility in Kutná Hora was followed by the final conference, which was held not only to mark the completion of the PDP2 project "Modernization of the police training centre", but also the PDP1 project "Enhanced Police competence in preventing and combating crime, strengthening communication skills with public and awareness of human rights", which implemented. 


The final conference of both predefined projects PDP1 "Enhanced Police competence in preventing and combating crime, strengthening communication skills with public and awareness of human rights" and PDP2 "Modernisation of the police training centre"

Both projects are implemented within the framework of the Home Affairs Programme, Programme Area 20, i.e. International Police Cooperation and Fight against Crime, which are financed from Norway Grants in 2014-2021. The final beneficiary of these projects is the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, specifically the Police Education and Service Training Unit.