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Town of Hronov

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageReconstruction of the Jirasek Theater
Organization NameTown of Hronov
Area of Activities

We are a Czech city called Hronov, which focuses on the development of infrastructure, education, health, environment, social welfare, cultural heritage, traditional crafts and region. Our vision is to build a place, where locals may meaningfully spend their free time. One of the landmarks of our city is the Alois Jirasek Theater with lots of events and performances.
Area of CooperationKultura
Project Idea

Specific outputs of the projects:

  • Reconstruction of the museum, the old part, the main hall, the technical facilities, the terraces, Jirasek´s bed, the room for performers and the exterior of the object
  • Exchange of heating, air-conditioning, lighting and water hook-up
  • Total reconstruction and conversion of jazz club
  • Reconstruction of the main hall
  • Renovation of current hall lighting
  • New sound and light control of the stage
  • Planned café and back area for festivals and celebrations
  • Renovation of a surface Jirasek´s bed
  • Surface improvement of the terrace including its surrounding facilities
  • Renovation of the room for performers
  • Restoration of current facade and renovation of window padding, door padding, renovation and mending of roof fanlights and construction, connection of the object to outside strengthened surface and lift solution

A possible cooperation: 

  • Performances and exhibitions within the Jirasek Theater.
  • Long term cooperating relationship based on exchange of experiences from the field of culture.
  • An exchange of experiences based on regular workshops, seminars or annual events, which would take place in the mentioned building.
  • A common arranging of events.
  • Long term partnership with your and ours exhibitors with an opportunity to organize a cultural exchange.
  • Projects in the area of running the theatre and contiguous museum.
  • Maintaining a cultural monuments and community life in city Hronov.
  • Any other projects which can be center around the Jirasek Theater.
Country of OriginČeská republika
Looking for a Partner fromIceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

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