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Skyhøyt live scene

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageArt form, music culture, and tech
Organization NameSkyhøyt live scene
Area of Activities

Skyhøyt Live scene is an award-winning culture performer and technical NGO organization who develop new, diferent or recreat technical solutions. Culture and heritage are important to everyone and binds countries, people and business together by great values. Our mission is to increase the possibilities with technology and pass the attributes from the past to its offspring off today. By having a focus on the Nordic model for universal design we creates activates in culture, also for people with extra needs. We look for new solutions and larger activities with a multifunction use.
Area of CooperationKultura, Občanská společnost, Vzdělání, Zdraví
Project Idea

By challenging our partners, we help, test and develop solutions after the need and best possible solutions. Through experience across EU borders we are helping to share our national and international experience. We like to see before and what we can due togeter.

Country of OriginNorsko
Looking for a Partner fromCzech Republic