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Příbor ZeMě

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageEnvironmental biodiversity CSA climate.
Organization NamePříbor ZeMě
Area of Activities

1. Improvement of Enviromental Status in Ecosystems:

  • implementation of pilot and innovative projects on improvement of environmental status in ecosystems including application of results of accomplished research projects into practice;
  • small-scale measures to improve environmental status in ecosystems (to enhance the stability of the landscape to increase biodiversity in ecosystems) in sites outside national protected areas;
  • public awareness raising of environmental problems in ecosystems;

2. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation:

  • development of the new local/regional Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies/Plans;
  • implementation of green measures from existing local or regional Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies/Plans;
  • public awareness raising on global climate change, mitigation and adaptation issues, especially at local or regional level.
Area of CooperationŽivotní prostředí, Zdraví
Project Idea

Buying 2 ha land, reconstructing greenhouses on the brownfield, implementing solar energy and recycling water with on going irrigating the greenhouses. Options for winter farm. Reduction impacts on the land caused by previous owners (grass growing through the waste etc.) and recovery from possible toxicity.

Country of OriginČeská republika
Looking for a Partner fromNorway, Iceland

Website is not in english but it could be translated. More info about project: