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Naděje pro děti úplňku

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageMenthal health inovative social work
Organization NameNaděje pro děti úplňku
Area of CooperationZdraví
Project Idea

,,Homesharing" is an innovative social and health improving project for children with a mental health disabilities in Czech republic. The inspiration comes from the West-Europe, where it's possible to find it in an regular offer of some social centres for people with physical or mental disabilities. In our case, children with the autism spectrum disorder, whose families are not getting any relevant support from the publicly available social or health service in Czech republic (it means such families are taking care about their autistic children mostly just themselves), are getting a host family, selected by our Homesharing team of social workers and therapists , so that the child is spending a regular quality time with the host family once in a while, so that parents of such a child could take a rest from the 24hours care and the autistic child is getting new social connections and abilities, what is helping to improve even the children health conditions a lot. Families with an autistic children in Czech republic are getting to seclusion calling for a help. Family crisis, depressions, addictions...are just some of common side symptoms, which parents and also siblings are going through when they take care non-stop about the child with the autism spectrum disorder. This is of course neither helping the family, nor the affected autistic child. Therefor also a crisis interventions from the side of our therapists in these affected families will take place. Our organization is also planning a training/course for therapists for a care-intensive patients. Such an experts are not available in Czech republic as much as it's needed. We are planning to accredit the course at the Ministry.

Country of OriginČeská republika
Looking for a Partner fromIceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

To get more inspiration and knowledge we are searching a partner organization in partner countries of EEA and Norway grants , which would have an experience with any kind of ,,Homesharing" activities for people with mental or physical disabilities. We have run the pre-piloting project of our ,,Homesharing" for first 3 families, so we have been also getting some experiences already, which we would like to share. Interesting is for us also the state policy and if it's helping in partner countries to run such a project or if there are obstacles, which organizations in some of the partner countries have to overcome. The good examples of a helping policy would be helpful for us as we are also doing an advocacy activities towards a better conditions for a people with a mental disabilities in Czech republic.