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Foundation Filantia

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageAnt-imobbing educational TV project
Organization NameFoundation Filantia
Area of Activities

The purpose of the Filantia Foundation Fund is public benefit and charitable. The purpose is to support the development of the personality of the individual and the whole society in order to create positive changes in the field of labor relations in the environment of companies, academia, educational institutions. The purpose is to support the development of a healthy corporate culture based on an attractive proposition of corporate values. Through projects and the involvement of experts, the purpose of the endowment fund is to educate society in the field of psychological and economical violence in labor relations as well as personal, popularize the right methods to eliminate these phenomena (bossing, mobbing) , provide professional and legal assistance to victims.
Area of CooperationVýzkum, Vzdělání, Sociální dialog, Lidská práva
Project Idea

The aim of the TV Filantia video project is to create a series of educational videos focused on "relationship problems" in the workplace. The issue of pathological relationships is complex and its failure to solve often results in some form of bullying. Every fifth attempt at suicide in the Czech Republic is due to problems at work. It is a bloodless terror. Bossing and mobbing is still an underestimated problem shrouded in many myths. One of those myths is that the victim is to blame. Bullying is not an isolated problem. TV Filantia wants to mediate interviews, reports, investigative material that comprehensively deals with the topic of relationship culture, its development and the current situation. The relationship culture in companies is a direct picture of the situation in the whole society, there are economic pressures, a degree of solidarity and interest, an awareness of human potential. TV Filantia has the potential to reach viewers from the following areas: -public - human resources staff - executives, directors and business owners - media The aim of TV Filantia is to process the phenomenon of psychological violence at work, to map the situation in the Czech Republic, to compare it with foreign countries, to comprehensively explain the issue of relations in the workplace, to interview victims and show real cases from practice.

The consequences are manifested in the victims of permanent post-traumatic stress, sometimes even suicide, inclination to escape options, such as alcoholism, manifested in a worsened family situation, broken relationships. How are companies and managers prepared for the role of "people managers?". Who is the real culprit and who is the victim? Is it a problem that is swept under the rug or can companies face it with prevention programs?

Country of OriginČeská republika
Looking for a Partner fromIceland, Liechtenstein, Norway