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Bulgarsko Shkolo

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageSTEM Education and Circular Economy
Organization NameBulgarsko Shkolo (Bulgaria)
Area of Activities

Bulgarsko Shkolo is a Bulgarian school, based in Sofia. We have 500 students, aged 7-15. Our focus is on STEM education and project-based learning. I am a science teacher, responsible for the exchange project.
Area of CooperationVýzkum, Vzdělání, Životní prostředí
Project Idea

The project is aiming at promoting the principles of circular economy through gamification of STEM education in schools. Together with our partners we will develop 1) a framework for circular economy education at school; 2) an online and an offline game for students aged 7-10, who can be supported by the 11-15 years olds 3) a challenge for ZERO WASTE CLASSROOM.

Country of OriginOstatní
Looking for a Partner fromNorway, Iceland

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? We see your contribution mainly in the exchange of ideas and experience - by mutual visits of students and/or teachers/tutors. Also, if we win the project with your partnership, you will get access to the circular economy games that will be developed - both online and offline.