EEA and Norway Grants in the Czech Republic

Ministry of Finance - National Focal Point for the EEA and Norway Grants in the Czech Republic prepared a presentation for Programme Operators and Partners, Applicants and Project Promoters.


CZ02 - "Biodiversity, Monitoring and Climate Change"

  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • Environmental Monitoring and Integrated Planning Control
  • Adaptation to Climate Change

CZ03 - "Non-Governmental Organizations - NGO PROGRAMME"

  • Human Rights
  • Gender Equality and Minorities
  • Environmental Protection
  • Working with Vulnerable Children
  • Promotion of Democracy

CZ04 – "Children and Youth at Risk"

  • Deinstitutionalization of Care for Vulnerable Children and Youth
  • Network Improvement Services to Work with Families
  • Support of Children and Young People Involvement in Decision-making Processes

CZ05 – "Reducing of Inequalities and Promoting Social Inclusion"

  • National, Regional, Local Initiatives to Reduce Inter-group Inequalities
  • Promote Social Inclusion

CZ06 – "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art"

  • Conservation and restoration of cultural monuments
  • Restoration of museum collections, written cultural heritage and film heritage
  • Promotion of contemporary performing arts

CZ07 – "Scholarship Programme"

  • SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Support of cooperation among schools and staff internships
  • BILATERAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Exchange students and staff of elementary, middle and high schools

CZ08 - "Carbon Capture and Storage"

  • Pilot Studies and Surveys on CCS Technology

CZ09 - "Czech-Norwegian Research Programme"

  • Scientific research-based knowledge development for priority areas - Environment, Health, Social Science and the Humanities

CZ10 - "Strengthen Institutional Capacity in Preventing and Combating Corruption"

  • Capacity Building and Institutional Cooperation between Beneficiary State and Norwegian Public Institutions, Local and Regional Authorities

CZ11 – "Public Health Initiatives"

  • Mental Health Care and Healthcare for Children
  • Improving Prevention and Subsequent complications

CZ12 – "Let´s give (wo)men a chance"

  • Mainstreaming Gender Equality
  • Promoting Work-Life Balance
  • Domestic and Gender-based Violence

CZ13 - "Domestic and Gender-based Violence and Gender Equality"

  • Domestic and Gender-Based Violence
  • Mainstreaming Gender Equality
  • Promoting Work-Life Balance

CZ14 – "Schengen Cooperation and Combating Cross-border and Organised Crime"

  • Schengen Cooperation and Combatting Cross-Borerd and Organised Crime, including Trafficking and Itinerant Criminal Goups

CZ15 – "Effective Cooperation in Justice and the Development of Correctional Services"

  • Judicial Capacity-building Cooperation
  • Improvement of Correctional Services, including Non-custodial sanctions

CZ22 – "Global Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue"

  • Decent Work Promotion
  • Improvement of Tripartite Cooperation between Employers' Organizations, Trade Unions and Public Authorities
  • Promoting Equitable and Sustainable Economic and Social Growth



Second Call for applications closed

As all the allocated resources were used, the Ministry of Finance – Operator of the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level closes the Second call

Focus area 2016 - Public Health Initiatives

After the consultation at the 5th Working Group meeting of the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level (September 2015) and approval at the Annual Meeting (October 2015), programme area Public Health Initiatives has been announced as a Focus Area of the Fund in 2016.

Approved Projects