Innovation Of Media Studies Program At Metropolitan University Prague: Norwegian Inspiration

Dept 58 - International Relations Department
Dept 58 - International Relations Department


Title of the ProgrammeCZ07 - Scholarship Programme
Title of the ProjectInnovation Of Media Studies Program At Metropolitan University Prague: Norwegian Inspiration
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Number of the ProjectNF-CZ07-ICP-4-282-2015
Project Promoter

Metropolitan University in Prague

Name of Norwegian Partner(s)

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Objective of the Project

The main topic of this project was focused on upgrading Media Studies program at Metropolitan University in Prague (MUP) in bachelor´s and master´s degree programs. The project had 4 activities and all were fulfilled within the sense of the grant application. Activity 1: A preparatory meeting between research teams was held on 22.2.2016 at MUP. The Czech members of the project along with the main Norwegian researcher, K. Orgeret, discussed the structure of the study programs at both institutions. In addition, there was a discussion about the stay of the Czech team at the Norwegian partner’s institution and about the timing, organization, and content of the international workshop. At the end of the preparatory meeting, a questionnaire focused on Metropolitan university students' opinions on the possibility of innovating the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of Media Studies was developed. The main benefit - results of the questionnaire were used for upgrading some courses and will be used in the forthcoming accreditation. Activity 2: An expert meeting and workshop in Oslo (4-7 April 2016) – the Czech project team visited the Norwegian institution in order to gain new experience with the style of teaching, course content, etc. The main benefit was sharing experience in teaching at the partner’s institution and the opportunity to make a video of selected courses. Activity 3: A team meeting and international workshop was held on 27 April 2016. Experts from Oslo, media specialists from MUP, and members of the Faculty of Social Sciences focused on research and new trends in media trials met with students from MUP and the professional and general public. The afternoon also contained a roundtable discussion on "The Future of Media Studies", where the narrow expert circle discussed the future of media studies. Activity 4: Creating the project´s outputs – a short video, 8 courses taught at MUP were innovated, new syllabi were created, Czech team members conducted 4 demonstration lessons in which innovative features acquired during the project were incorporated.

Approved grant

357 408,90 CZK / 13 487 €

Project DurationStart date: 01.01.2016, End date: 30.09.2016