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Strengthening the competencies of professional music ensembles

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Region National coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectStrengthening the competencies of professional music ensembles
Number of the ProjectKU-CB2-015
Project Promoter

Czech Association of Independent Classical and Jazz Musicians

Project Partner from Donor State

Norges Korforbund (Norway)

Czech Partner



Project duration (phase of the project): 03/2022 – 07/2023

More Information

Target group: Artists, young adults, civil society organizationsts

Total Eligible Costs

53 372 EUR


48 000 EUR (90 %)

Project description:

The aim of the project is to strengthen the competencies of Czech professional music ensembles through the newly established Česká asociace nezávislých hudebníků klasiky a jazzu and to achieve the most stable position of professional music ensembles supported on the one hand by independent funding and on the other by a clearly defined dialogue with the state, which is aware of the values and benefits of this sector.

Tangible outputs of the project should include a functioning continuous dialogue between the state apparatus and the umbrella Association, the involvement of the Association in the creation of strategic documents, legislation (improvement of the conditions related to labour law, Act on Public Cultural Institutions) and efforts to enforce the selected legislative changes. This output will also be achieved with the help of a Norwegian partner, who, in addition to a workshop for ministry officials, will organize a visit to Norway, where this mutual dialogue is already established.

It will be demonstrated in the form of workshops that the interests of the established and non-established art scene are the same and that several specific legislative changes need to be made to achieve a functioning cooperative financing system. An effort will be made to start these legislative changes during the period of the project.

The association will provide its members with training on new crowdfunding methods and a specific campaign will be proposed for two members of the association.