Information on the EEA and Norway Grants within period 2014 - 2021. Time phases, programmes, procedures, grant applications and other related information.



Invitation to bid!

The Financial Mechanism Office is seeking a Fund Operator to develop and implement the Programme for civil society in the Czech Republic 2014-2021 - the ‘Active Citizens Fund’.


New period of the EEA and Norway Grants in the Czech Republic

The Memoranda of Understanding for a new period of the EEA and Norwegian Funds between the Czech Republic and the donor states of Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland was ceremoniously signed at the Anežské klášter in Prague on 4th September 2017.


Invitation for bids – Global Fund Operator

The Ministry of Finance - National Focal Point for EEA and Norway Grants in the Czech Republic would like to inform all relevant stakeholders about an invitation for bids for the position as fund operator for the new Global Fund for Regional Cooperation