Programme CZ15 “Cooperation in Justice”

 was primarily focused on capacity 

expansions and on a deeper cooperation in the judiciary. Its priority was a fairer 
and more effective judicial system, which was also supported by an improved 
correctional service system. The programme was focused on two programme 
areas: Building the capacities and cooperation in the judiciary, and Correctional 
services including alternative sentences.

Programme CZ15, supported by the Norway grants, allocated more than


CZK 115 million in these areas to 7 pre-defined projects, which were focused on 
three main areas of the judiciary: judicial system (courts and state prosecutor’s 
offices), Probation and Mediation Service, and Prison Service. The programme 
clearly helped improve the effectiveness of the judicial system, and increased  
the staff competences within the Mediation Service and Prison Service. One of  
the greatest problems of the Czech penitentiary system is overcrowding,  
which the programme strove to address partly at selected prisons through  
the construction of new buildings or at least the reconstruction of the existing 
ones. In its projects, the programme did not even forget about vulnerable  
groups of prisoners and improving their skills in order to increase their  
chances of finding a job after they return to the society. Certain projects  
also involved partner institutions from Norway, such as the 

Directorate of 

Norwegian Correctional Services and non-profit organisation Alternative to 
Violence (Alternativ til Vold).


10 additional bilateral initiatives for more than CZK 4.5 million  

were carried out with partners from Norway as part of the programme. These 
mostly covered Norwegian prisons, to which study visits of representatives  
from the Czech Republic were organised with the aim of increasing  
their awareness and specialised knowledge of the practical functioning of  
the Norwegian penitentiary system.


CZ15 – Cooperation in Justice

Programme Areas

Judicial Capacity-building 

Correctional Services 
including Non-custodial 

Eligible applicants 

Ministry of Justice

Probation and Mediation 

Prison Service


Projects were implemented 
in the period 2014–2017.