Bilateral cooperation with the Directorate of 

the Norwegian Correctional Service

“Norway Grants is an important arena for the bilateral 
cooperation between Norway and the Czech Republic, 
and I am particularly pleased that Norway Grants 
have paved the way for a broad cooperation within 
the correctional service and the probation service 
between our two countries. 

Over the past six years, we have enjoyed a highly 
constructive and satisfying cooperation that 
have contributed to the exchange of knowledge, 
competence, experience and building of networks 
between the prison and probation service of the 
Czech Republic and Norway. 

Through the implementation of the projects, we have 
witnessed positive results that have contributed to 
overcome challenges connected with growing  
prison population, increased use of application of 
alternatives to prison, increased focus on vulnerable 
groups as well as an improvement of competence  
of both inmates and staff through different 
rehabilitation programs and staff training. 

Norwegian project partners have been actively 
involved in the implementation of two of the projects 
within the correctional service and one project 
in cooperation with the Probation and Mediation 
Service. Akershus probation office reports on a highly 
constructive cooperation with the Probation and 
Mediation Service of the Czech Republic within  

the project aimed at developing a system for further 
education for employees of the Probation and 
Mediation Service of the Czech Republic. Together 
with Ullersmo, Ringerike and Ila prison, the University 
College of Norwegian Correctional Service took part  
in the project aimed at increasing the competence of 
prison staff. 

Bredtveit and Ravneberget female prison, Trøgstad 
and Bastøy as Agder probation office have been 
involved in projects financed by the bilateral fund. 
They report on a highly constructive cooperation  
that have contributed to the exchange of knowledge 
and competence. 

With this programme coming to an in 2017, I want to 
congratulate you on the good results you achieved 
and the extensive work you have put down to 
improve the correctional service system. Let me finish 
by underlining that I am confident that the bilateral 
cooperation that has been established will continue to 
be mutually enriching in the future.”

Inger-Lise Becher & Kim Ekhaugen
Directorate of the Norwegian Correctional Service