Increase in the 

effectiveness of 

treatment of young 

adults 18 to 26 years 

of age in Kuřim Prison

Project promoter 
Kuřim Prison

The project “Streamlining the treatment of young adults at the age of 18-26  
at the Kuřim Prison”
 was primarily focused on building a lightweight single-
storey superstructure on top of the existing ground-floor building, where 
premises to accommodate 32 juvenile convicts and premises for instructional 
activities were built.

The project aimed to separate juvenile prisoners from the groups of convicts  
who have committed multiple crimes, thus reducing the adverse impact of  
the prison environment and increasing the motivation to change the lifestyle. 
Last but not least the project had also the impact on the acquiring and developing 
working skills and habits. The convicts attended specialised Painter and Bricklayer 
courses. The young convicts were also involved in an instructional programme, 
composed of six activities. The second part of the project was focused on 
increasing the qualifications of employees, e.g. through social and psychological 
training or thematically focused courses.

“I am very pleased that, thanks to the option of absorbing the Norwegian 
Funds, we could carry out this unique project at our prison, which is another 
step to reduce the recidivism of convicts. We have European-standard 
conditions available for these activities with young convicts. I am confident 
that, in this modern and dignified environment, we will succeed in  
achieving our aims, and these convicts will no longer return to prisons,”  
Colonel PhDr. Zuzana Kalivodová, Head of the Kuřim Prison, said.

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