Construction of  

a production and 

educational hall for 

retraining courses  

for prisoners before  

their release  

in Příbram Prison

Project promoter 
Příbram Prison

The objective of the project was to create suitable premises and conditions  
for convicts and for working with them, especially for the professional 
preparation of the convicts. The new hall, built as part of the project, includes 
premises for simple assembly work, classrooms for retraining courses, 
educational and instructional leisure activities of the convicts. The project  
also funded the complete equipment of these premises.

Moreover, the project included courses for convicts entitled Cooking work  
and simple service for restaurant-type facilities, and Basic operation of PC.
Colonel Mgr. Jiří Purkart, Head of the Příbram Prison, commented on the project: 
“By creating the conditions for the professional education of convicts  
at the Příbram Prison, we will enhance not only their professional opportunities 
but also the chance of their pro-social participation in their post-penitentiary 
lives because, as the major French writer Stendhal (whose real name was  
Henri Marie Beyle) said as long ago as in the 19th century: “The boat of life is 
tossed by all winds and storms unless encumbered with the load of work”.

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