Increasing the 

effectiveness of 

women prisoners 

before release 

from Opava Prison

Project promoter 
Opava Prison

Directorate of Norwegian 
Correctional Services

As part of this project, a former coal-burning boiler-room was reconstructed,  
with new classrooms and premises for employing convicted women created 
there, including all the required equipment. After passing the courses 


law consulting and practising, Reinforcement of skills required to maintain  
a regular life after the release from sentence, Acquisition of financial literacy,

Improvement of labour market guidance after release, the convicted  

women should acquire the knowledge and skills that will help them live regular 
lives after they are released.

In addition, courses of basic PC skills did and will continue to take place in  
a computer classroom.

Moreover, as part of a bilateral cooperation, the project made it possible to 
finance study visits for employees of the Czech and Norwegian Prison Services. 
The purpose was to share professional experience and good practice regarding 
female prisons.

“I enrolled in the programme to put my life in order and to learn something 
about debts, which I don’t have but, with this experience, I will be prepared, 
should I run into any. The course has taught me how to find a job even with my 
criminal record, how to write a curriculum vitae as well as a motivation letter. 
I’ve also learnt how to prepare a household budget and make both ends meet. 
I believe that the course can help people who strive to reintegrate themselves 
into the society”,
 one of the convicted women of the Opava Prison said.

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