Increasing the 

effectiveness of 

preparation of 

prisoners before 

release from Nové 

Sedlo Prison

Project promoter 
Nové Sedlo Prison

The project, which was focused on increasing the capacity of spaces for  
the treatment of prisoners, consisted of the reconstruction of a former boiler-
room and the creation of premises for an education centre, where certified 
retraining courses for convicts did and will continue to take place – specifically 
Joinery and Maintenance of public green. These courses should facilitate  
the return of convicts to the society and help them succeed in finding a job.

The convicts themselves participated in reconstructing the former boiler-room, 
thus having acquired experience in auxiliary construction work under technical 
supervision. The project also included the provision of required equipment for  
the newly reconstructed premises.

“In evaluating the project Streamlining the prisoners’ preparations before they 
are released from the Nové Sedlo Prison, we primarily have to avoid presenting 
success in its usual sense, as a life’s objective, to a young person. People should 
be evaluated just on the basis of what they give rather than on what they are 
able to gain. This should be our primary objective”,
 Peter Steňko, member of  
the implementation team – investment coordinator, said.

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