The Project for 

Vulnerable Groups 

and Education of 

the Employees of 

the Prison Service

Project promoter 
Prison Service of 
the Czech Republic

Alternativ til Vold
Directorate of Norwegian 
Correctional Services

The project primarily addressed strengthening the system of Prison Service 
employee education in the areas focused, in particular, on the specificities  
of individual groups of convicts. One of the key tasks of the project was  
the creation and development of targeted and structured programmes of treating 
the risk groups of convicts and their gradual introduction into the penitentiary 
practice, as well as preventing the social exclusion of foreigners and information 
discrimination caused by the language barrier.

To acquire good practice at Norwegian prisons, four study visits of employees 
to the Ila and Ringerike prisons took place as part of the project. The visits 
were focused on sharing the experiences of the Czech and Norwegian Prison 
Services in treating and communicating with the convicts and on experiences 
with therapeutic programmes. Beyond the original project application, the project 
implementation team established a bilateral cooperation with the Alternativ til 
Vold (ATV) organisation. Three seminars with the topic 

“Working with violent 

offenders” were held. The trainers at these seminars included renowned 
employees of ATV, which has unique know-how to tackle aggressiveness.  
In addition, the course 

“Working with an indebted client”, which built upon  

the previous training 

“Financial literacy and debt issues”, was carried out.

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