System of Further 

Education of Employees 

of the Probation  

and Mediation Service

Project promoter 
Probation and Mediation 
Service of the Czech 

Directorate of Norwegian 
Correctional Services

Carried out with the partner, the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Services, 
the project aimed to contribute to improving and streamlining the judiciary 
activities, in particular by strengthening the professional level of specialised 
activities of officials and assistants of the Probation and Mediation Service 
(hereinafter the PMS).

The project was primarily focused on educating the probation officers and 
assistants and on their development in five specialisations: community service, 
probation, parole, work with the youth, conflict resolution mediation.

The project participants appreciated the options of bilateral cooperation with 
the Norwegians – study visits to Norway and, in particular, a workshop focused 
on foreign experience in electronic monitoring and probation. By contrast, the 
practice of so-called restorative programmes in the Czech Republic, in particular 
with the victim-offender mediation, was presented to the foreign colleagues.

The project made it possible to carry out a pilot implementation of the Further 
Education System, required as part of the PMS since 2008. The system is  
a voluntary ‘extension’ of the education that is required as mandatory by  
the Act on PMS. It allowed for a qualitative shift in the work of specialists  
and helped improve the PMS activities.

Internal trainers were provided with intensive supervision support, with  
the supervisor, Mgr. Helena Bezděková, having said the following at the final 

“Our meetings have given rise to a number of suggestions to 

improve the education system of your employees; your people have great  
self-reflection ability and great communication skills, are motivated and loyal. 
You have very good employees. This is a rarity that should be maintained.”

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