video-conferencing in 

the resort of Justice

Project promoter
Ministry of Justice

The primary objective of the project was a successful introduction of 
videoconferences into the judiciary. This modern way of multimedia 
communication allows audio, video and data to be transmitted between two  
or more entities in real time. 

Within the project, the videoconference sets, central hardware elements and 
recording devices were bought. This technology allows recording and saving 
videoconference calls. An important activity of the project was also the training  
of future users, who sometimes accept new technologies negatively. 

Cooperation between the Police of the Czech Republic and selected psychiatric 
hospitals, which also use videoconference sets in their activities, was established 
during the implementation of the project. On the basis of this cooperation, 
the possibility of interconnection with videoconferencing sets of other entities 
was ensured, unlike to the original project intent which only focused on 
interconnection within the justice sector. 

The key benefits using the videoconference sets include saved time and money 
and, in particular, higher security. The use of this way of communication can 
significantly reduce the financial costs of transporting the persons who are serving 
their prison sentences or are placed in remand centres, and it also reduces the 
costs of witnesses and experts. Reducing the number of escorts causes not only 
financial savings, but also reduces the security risks connected with each escort. 

At the closing conference regarding the project, Supreme Public Prosecutor  
Pavel Zeman cited the following in his presentation about historical milestones in 
the information technology development: 

“Since 2003, when a videoconference 

was used in a Czech courtroom for the first time, we have made significant 
progress. The way of such communication is flexible and efficient, because it 
requires proper guidance; as a result, participants speak more concisely and 
more accurately.”

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