Implementing period: 

1. 1. 2015 – 30. 4. 2017


The National Control

Authority established for

the purpose of distribution

of certificates necessary

to verify authenticity of

electronic travel documents

incorporating biometric data

and machine-reading of


Approved grant:

EUR 1,398,145

Highlights of the Project 

implementation phase

“The NCA system offers 

numerous interesting 

applications especially for 

the future. With respect 

to the trend towards new 

security elements, the NCA 

can be utilized for example 

to access images of iris scans 

should such scans become 

a feature stored to personal 

identification documents.“

Col. Mgr. Petr Malovec Ph.D., 

Head, National Situational

Border Protection Centre

Sensitive data in the EU citizens´ electronic passports must be protected against
unauthorised access. Such biometric data include biometric facial images  
and fingerprints. Every country shall create a

national infrastructure to verify 

the integrity and authenticity of e-passports with biometric data and to
check the identity of their holders. The National Control Authority (Národní
kontrolní autorita/NKA) will become an integral part of the international security
infrastructure used primarily for the purpose of secure certificate exchange.

The NKA system is the only certification and verification authority in the Czech
Republic, enabling e-passport verification and fingerprint machine reading in  
a certified terminal. It is a platform designed for international operation.  
The project envisages the Foreign Police as the National Control Authority  
to become a qualified provider of certification services for inspection systems
which access biometric data stored in machine-readable public documents
incorporating biometric data. At the same time, the Foreign Police should operate
selected inspection systems, primarily for the purposes of border control.
Border protection authorities and other authorized entities will be able to verify
authenticity of documents and document holders´ identity, thus contributing to
increased protection of the Schengen area and the rest of the world.

More Efficient and Safer 

Border Control 

Project PDP 2:  Establishing the National Control 

Authority (NCA)

Programme CZ14: Projects