The Police of the Czech Republic have been implementing, step by step, tools
and standards in the field of international Police and judicial cooperation in line
with the development of European and national legislation.

The key project objective is to increase awareness of members and employees
of the Police of the Czech Republic of the implementation of common European
tools necessary for implementation of the international Police cooperation

One of the aspects proposed by the project is a new and more efficient
integration of information and communication platforms to help improve
mutual exchange of information on individual cases and suspects as part of
the international Police cooperation agenda at regional as well as central level.
The project funding was used primarily to cover training of members and staff
of the Police of the Czech Republic, SW modifications to existing information
systems, procurement of related computer and communication technology, and
expert visits to selected EU member states and EU institutions.

Improved Police Cross-border 


Project PDP 1: Schengen Cooperation  

and Combatting Cross-border Crime

Programme CZ14: Projects

Implementing period: 

1. 12. 2014 – 30. 4. 2017


Integration of information


Approved grant: 

EUR 322,450

Highlights of the Project 

implementation phase

“The most interesting part of 

the Project was the process of 

preparing the document to 

analyse both the international 

exchange of information 

within the context of 

Schengen cooperation  

as well as the international 

Police information exchange 

in border areas. Expert 

debates and the truly working 

atmosphere at workshops 

helped significantly in  

the development of software 

changes which will ultimately 

improve handling of data and 

information in the respective 

systems of the Czech Police.” 

Mgr. Ivo Malecha, 

Project Manager