Results of the Programme CZ14

• Increased competences of members of the Police in line with the Schengen 
rules (PDP 1)
• Use of the currently available technical equipment for to purposes of  
police cross-border cooperation (PDP 1)
• Increased efficiency and safety of border checks at international airports  
(PDP 2 and PDP 3)
• Improved Police planning and response time (PDP 4 and PDP 5)
• An analysis the past as well as current challenges in respect of Roma  
policing (PDP 6)
• Improved knowledge and competences necessary for the Police to police  
the Roma community (PDP 6)

About the Programme 

The Ministry of Finance acts as

the CZ14 Programme Operator.

The Ministry of the Interior 

acts, through the Partnership 

Agreement, as a Programme 

Partner assuming selected

responsibilities of the

Programme Operator or its


The main objective of the Programme CZ14 is to increase 

citizen´s security through improvement of the efficiency of 

cooperation between law enforcement authorities in  

the Schengen Member States in fighting organised crime, 

including trafficking in human beings.

The Programme supported a total of six pre-defined projects 

(hereinafter referred to as PDP) which were implemented  

by the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic.

These projects helped develop and improve structures, systems, 

and technical equipment in order to streamline enforcement of 

Schengen rules and regulations.

About the Programme