The Police of the CR, building on relevant foreign experience in Roma minority
policing at excluded locations, drafted a project targeted primarily at improved
relationship between the Police and the Roma community, particularly  
at locations suffering from increased social tensions and minor conflicts.

The key element of the project was a sociological research paper mapping  
the current needs in the context of policing socially excluded locations.  
The research resulted in a number of follow up activities, primarily targeting
improvement and deepening of international contacts as well as gathering of
experience, methods and procedures used by foreign counterparts responsible
for Roma policing. The police experts trained under the umbrella of the Project
received high quality materials to streamline their everyday performance of

Foreign experience applied in practice and adapted to the local conditions shall
ultimately lead to

reduced incidence of crime at socially excluded locations  

and help minimize the number of inter-ethnic conflicts between the Roma and 
the majority population in the CR.
Thanks to the Project, the Police of the CR  
will be much better prepared to face the increasing social diversity.

Police Experts in Roma 

Minority Policing

Project PDP 6: Implementation of the police specialists 

in the field of police work in relation to Roma minority 

group in the socially segregated locations

Programme CZ14: Projects

Implementing period: 

20. 10. 2014 – 30. 4. 2017


Training of Police experts in

Roma minority policing at

socially excluded locations

and their introduction to

service; follow-up training in

minority Policing for minority

liaison officers; follow-up

training of selected Police


Approved grant: 

EUR 500,000

Highlights of the Project 

implementation phase

“It was interesting to visit 

Roma villages in the eastern 

part of Slovakia and to meet 

Roma artists at the Košice´s 

Romathan theatre. At the end 

of the performance, the Czech 

policemen joined the artist in 

their dance.“ 

JUDr. Mgr. Václav Vlček,  

Project Manager