Implementing period: 

1. 11. 2014 – 30. 4. 2017


Improved and more efficient

use of current information

resources, accelerated data

handling in the context of

everyday Police work, and

accelerated and improved data

exchange in the context of

international cooperation

Approved grant: 

EUR 1,096,000

Highlights of the Project 

implementation phase

“It is remarkable to see, 

how much time we can save 

thanks to the newly procured 

technology. Many time and 

labour intensive processes are 

now much more efficient.“

Col. Mgr. Pavel Stádník, Head,

Project Implementation Unit

The three key objectives of the Police of the CR Project, which targeted
information systems, were the following: More efficient use of existing
information resources, accelerated and improved data handling by the Police,
and improved international cooperation related to data.

Thanks to the Project, we created a single secure platform for development  
and implementation of Police of the Czech Republic´s information systems.  
The new platform enables efficient development of and management of
changes to individual heterogeneous information sources. The use of modern
technology (i.e. testing and automated data processing) resulted in a new
environment, enabling us to handle information more efficiently regardless  
of the format, data structure, or type of the primary medium. We have  
rendered numerous analytical processes automatic thus paving way to higher
quality and extended range of output in the future. The new platform is  
a means of introducing internationally-recognized standards, thus improving
process efficiency.

Programme CZ14: Projects

Accelerated Data Handling and Single 

Management of Data

Project PDP 5:  Developing an analytic platform  

for the use of the information systems of the Police of  

the Czech Republic to their full capacity