Implementing period: 

1. 12. 2014 – 30. 4. 2017


Implementation of the Police

Geographic Information

System to provide direct

geographic and analytical

support; standardisation

of analytical workplaces

responsible for preparation

of geographical data used to

support the decision-making


Approved grant: 

EUR 456,719

Highlights of the Project 

implementation phase

“Probably the most interesting 

 fact is that thanks to the open 

tendering, we could engage 

smaller Czech companies as 

suppliers. I must say that 

these suppliers took us by 

surprise as they offered 

reasonable prices in 

combination with high quality 

supplies and flexibility in  

their approach to solving 

technical problems related to 

the project implementation.” 

Lt.Col. Mgr. Alexander Išunin, 

member of the Project team

In their operations, the Police of the CR frequently need high quality cross  
border geographical data to be used not only by the office staff but also by  
the members on field duty. One of the ways to satisfy the need is the more
efficient use of the geographic information system (GIS PČR).

Thanks to the successful implementation of the Project, the Police of the CR 
added new GIS PČR workplaces at the level of Police of the CR Regional
Directorates and improved the GIS PČR mobile platform. The Police thus have
technology at their disposal that gains them access, when on duty in the field,
to updated maps and geographical data of the Czech Republic and the bordering
areas (e.g. border crossings, cross-border trails, crime locations, etc.). The Police
can now draw much better picture and get higher quality information on  
the security situation on the territory alongside the border as well as improved
geographic support of their policing activities. The emphasis is primarily on
geographic information necessary for the analysis of the security situation,  
and prevention, detection, and fight against transnational organized crime  
and human trafficking.

The project has significantly improved functionality of the GIS PČR, primarily
its capacity to provide

updated maps and information having a direct link to 

a selected location in space and time for the purposes of decision-making,
planning, and performance of security measures and interventions.

Programme CZ14: Projects

Improved Geographical Data 

for the Police of the CR 

Project PDP 4: Application of a geographical 

information system for the Police of the Czech 

Republic in the field