Border checks at Schengen type international airports are a system of specific
methods and processes in which the Police verify the right of individuals to
enter and exit the Czech Republic and/or the Schengen area. These checks
include detailed verification of authenticity and validity of travel documents.

The EasyGO automated biometric data verification system helps provide  
for faster and easier passenger traffic and also for

higher degree of safety  

at international airports. Currently, more than a hundred of these systems  
are in operation at international airports throughout the world. The Václav  
Havel Airport in Prague has been equipped, since 2011, with three e-gates.
These gates handle about 42 thousand passengers a month. The current
system capacity is, however, insufficient.

The key objective of the Project was therefore a reconstruction of the current
system of biometric gates at the Václav Havel International Airport in Prague
and its expansion to a total of 17 gates. The rest of five international airports  
in the Czech Republic were also upgraded to include border control posts with
modern travel document reading devices incorporating a large database of
travel document specimen enabling an automated travel document verification
as part of the border control process.

Programme CZ14: Projects

Modernisation of International 


Project PDP 3: The expansion of a system of automated 

controls of electronic travel documents at international 

airports (e-gate and full page documents scanners)

Implementing period: 

1. 1. 2015 – 30. 4. 2017


To obtain technology known

as e-gate or automated gates

or ABC (Automatic Border

Control) and reading devices

enabling optical or electronic

reading of machine readable

pages of travel documents.

Approved grant:

EUR 1,840,000

Highlights of the Project 

implementation phase

“One of the Project activities 

was an instructional  

and publicity spot. It was  

a challenge for us on  

the project implementation 

side, but we grabbed this 

opportunity to get more 

familiar with the film industry. 

It was interesting to see  

that some 30 seconds´ spot 

takes dozens of hours of 

several people´s work.“

Col. Mgr. Petr Malovec Ph.D., 

Head, National Situational

Border Protection Centre