The Czech Republic ranks among the countries 

with a good level of population health, but 

despite the remarkable progress in the provision 

of healthcare, disparities still exist between  

the Czech Republic and other EEA States,  

as well as among the individual regions within  

the country.

The strategy of the CZ11 Programme “Initiatives 

of Public Health”, which was financed by the 

Norway Grants, is to improve health care in the 

areas that are not given sufficient attention and 

that have been underfinanced in the long term.

About the Programme

The normal activities of the Guiding Centre – the expert centre 

of the Society for Mucopolysaccharidosis, which has been 

helping families caring for sick children who have one of the 

currently most serious diseases for over 20 years. Photo credit: 

Archive of the Society for Mucopolysaccharidosis