University Hospital Olomouc has expanded its activities within secondary and 
tertiary prevention, i.e. detection of diseases and the prevention of complications 
of premature infants. The workplace of the neonatal department and consulting 
room for high-risk newborns of the University Hospital Olomouc was equipped 
with necessary devices and medical equipment worth a total of EUR 323,410 
under the project. 

Thanks to the project, an educational programme in the field of general and 
professional intensive care was created. The department offers courses for 
parents with an immature at-risk child leaving the maternity hospital for home, 
i.e. to all parents whose children have gone through the local intensive care unit. 
Medics increase their professional level through the education.

Newborn care is at a significantly higher level due to the project. The University 
Hospital Olomouc bought new equipment – a modern ultrasound unit (1 pc), 
retinal camera (1 pc), equipment for pressure mapping (1 pc) and special 
resuscitation models (3 pcs). These devices help in the prevention, diagnosis and 
early treatment of certain diseases and health problems of children at an early 
age. In particular, premature newborns are threatened by disorders of heart, eye, 
urinary tract or, for example, cerebral palsy. 

Thanks to the new technique and 

modern approaches, these risks are significantly mitigated.

Prevention of the consequences of diseases and 

health problems in childhood at the University 

Hospital Olomouc

Example of the project 


University Hospital Olomouc

(Czech Republic)