Prevention of the consequences 

of diseases and health problems 

in childhood


With the improvement of health care in the Czech Republic, the infant mortality 
has also decreased. But this carries possible long-term consequences that affect 
the quality of life of these children born earlier. Therefore, projects focused 
on preventing the negative effects of perinatal stress and other disorders in 
childhood age (secondary prevention activities) were supported in this area. 
The long-term and systematic care for patients with perinatal stress provided 
by specialised departments was improved through the renovation of premises, 
acquisition of medical devices and equipment, new methodologies and training 
of staff.

The activities of non-profit organizations dedicated to the care of children with 
perinatal stress and other diseases that have long-term health consequences 
were also supported. In addition to educational campaigns and workshops with 
the participation of experts and workshops for parents and schools, support also 
went to theatrical performances for children, the creation of interactive aids for 
children, making information materials or operation of online counselling.