Department of Paediatric Surgery, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, University 
Hospital Brno continues with the project of the prevention programme for 
pupils of secondary, primary and nursery schools, the substance of which is a 
meeting of healthy and hospitalised children. The pupils become acquainted 
with childhood injuries and their treatment in the hospital from their peers, 
attending physicians and nurses. This is the first such preventive programme 
in the Czech Republic. Since the beginning of the project in spring 2016, fifteen 
classes in each case within three prevention programmes have already visited 
the Children’s Hospital.

The project also has its own website, www.detibezurazu.cz, where candidates 
can register for individual courses.

 “Each visit is connected with a great experience, because 

children see with their own eyes their peer who is in 

hospital with a fracture or another trauma. Often they see 

the surgery scar or even the external fixation apparatus. 

Children talk about how the injury occurred, and it makes 

it easier to understand that risks should be avoided. The 

risks are showcased to pre-school children in visual aids 

representing dangerous objects, for older kids, there are 

models of bones after a fracture or information booklets. 

Part of the programme is also talking about first aid and 

a visit to the specialist departments of the trauma centre. 

During these preventive programmes, children try out what 

it is like to wear a cast, see the operating room and the 

tools that are used, and try, for example, how the bone is 

drilled during osteosynthesis.” 

Dr Ladislav Planka, project leader, 

University Hospital Brno

“We were able to get acquainted with children’s injuries and 

their prevention, not only theoretically, but we also visited 

the department where we could talk to the paediatric 

patients. We looked into the plastering room, where nurses 

produced terrific casts for selected children. If I actually had 

to have it on my broken arm, it wouldn't be that much fun. 

We left full of impressions and hopefully we'll remember 

how to behave so that we won't need to visit the hospital 

again, this time as patients.”

Modřice primary school, 

the educational programme Children's Injuries

Preventive cell of the Paediatric Trauma 

Centre of the University Hospital Brno

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University Hospital Brno

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Regional Police Directorate of 

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