Although the number of injuries among children is decreasing, injuries are 
still among the most common causes of child morbidity and mortality. Traffic 
accidents, falls, drowning or mechanical forces are the most common causes. 
Younger children tend not to avoid scalds or burns. One of the most effective 
ways to reduce the number of accidents is prevention activity and education 
aimed at children, parents and the public.

For this purpose, four major projects of the university hospitals in various 
regions of the Czech Republic of the amount exceeding EUR 1.55 milion were 
supported in this area. Thanks to the projects, preventive cells at workplaces 
of specialised and super-specialised paediatric traumatology with prevention 
programmes were created at the local and national level. In addition to the 
large investment projects for the establishment of preventive centres, support 
was invested in non-governmental organisations. The campaigns aimed at 
the prevention of injuries in childhood carried out under five projects through 
conferences, workshops and experts contributed to better public awareness 
and thereby the prevention of childhood injuries. 

Child Accident Prevention