The project created the environment for a new method of working with addicts 
in institutional treatment. Until now, the standard was to offer the same 
structured long-term treatment (in terms of the programme and time) to all 
patients regardless of their actual situation. From the beginning, the patient’s 
role was passive, competent to a low extent and limited in many respects. The 
project enabled the existing admissions department (detox) to be replaced with 
a 3D department (department of detoxification, diagnosis and differentiated 
care), where: 
• the analysis of the patient takes place and further medical procedures that
 correspond to the identified opportunities and needs better are designed
• the therapeutic programme is completely individualised to treat patients
 with various special needs (among other things, an environment was created
 where people who were disadvantaged in the standard structured treatment
 for addiction, e.g. for simultaneous dual diagnosis, may be treated) 
• continued treatment beyond the institutional environment is offered
 and comprehensive stabilisation is ensured
• from the beginning, the role of the patient is maximally active with
 a minimum of blanket restrictions

In December 2016, the project received the 

Kiron Award for the Best 



 Achievement of the Year 2016. 

Creating the conditions for the implementation 

of enhanced and differentiated care 

at Psychiatric Hospital Červeny Dvůr

Example of the project 

Since 1966, 

the psychiatric hospital Červený Dvůr has been an establishment specialised in 

medium-term institutional treatment of drug addiction and pathological gambling. At present, 

the capacity of the psychiatric hospital is 109 beds, every year 550 to 750 patients attend  

the therapy programme in the hospital.


 Addictology is a science 

dealing with drug addictions.

Project Promoter

Psychiatric Hospital Červený 

Dvůr (Czech Republic)