Cultural heritage is one of the supported areas of 

Programme CZ06 “Cultural 

Heritage and Contemporary Arts”.

 The mission of this area was to 


to restoration of movable and immovable cultural heritage of the Czech 

and make it publically accessible. The aim was to support unique 

projects which, despite 

urgency of intervention, bring an added value 


innovative procedures, expertise enhancement or inter-disciplinary 

and international cooperation. During the restoration work it was also 
important to use historical and traditional methods, technologies and 
materials as much as possible.

Support in a separate category of 

Jewish cultural heritage, which represents  

an important part of the national memory, was applied to Judaica which  
served for Jewish religious worship or artistic expressions of authors from  
the holocaust period.

The Programme is characterised by promotion of international cooperation 
with partners from donor states.  Almost two thirds of the projects were 
implemented in partnership with institutions from

 Iceland and Norway. 

Thanks to the special Fund for Bilateral Relations, the projects could be 
extended to include additional activities in cooperation with organisations 
from donor states. 

The Programme enabled implementation of 

28 projects and 21 additional 



 related to immovable, movable and Jewish cultural heritage  

in amount of 

more than EUR 17 million. The EEA Grants succeeded in 

preserving and revitalising a part of the Czech cultural heritage and 
encouraged education and exchange in cultural sectors, contributing thus to 
a strengthening of the national and European cultural identity. 


CZ06 – Cultural Heritage 
and Contemporary Arts

Programme Area

Conservation and Revitalisation 
of Cultural and Natural Heritage


Legal entities who are owners 
(managers) of movable/
immovable cultural heritage 


• Project were implemented
 in 2014–2017
• The last activities will have

been finished by September 


• co-financing based on legal

status of the project promoter 
(10 % – 40 %)

• sustainability of project  

min. 5 years

• income generated by  

the project used in line  
with the project´s aims 

• revenues generated thanks

to the project shall be used in 
accordance with the project´s 
objectives or for sustaining 
project´s outcome.


 The call for proposals of additional activities of projects is open until the end of July 2017. 

Therefore, the final data may vary.