General Restoration 

of Třebechovice 

Nativity Scene

The aim of the project was an overall rehabilitation of the monument and raising 
awareness of its value. As a whole, the Třebechovice Nativity Scene has never 
been overhauled and restored. As a result of the fact that functioning of the whole 
transmission system of the nativity scene has been ensured for next dozens 
of years without the necessity for additional large interventions, the Probošt’s 
Nativity Scene at Třebechovice can remain a dignified representative of a unique 
and still living tradition of native scene production.

The restoration work under expert supervision by monument preservationists 
lasted for almost a year and the overhauled nativity scene was fully opened to 
the public in the middle of May 2016. The restoration work was carried out in 
presence of the public who could see the individual stages of restoration through 
a glass wall of the exposition. The nativity scene was completely disassembled,  
its frame reinforced and levelled, with its components restored. During the work, 
the original practices and technologies of the late 19


 century and the early  



 century were followed, e.g. the mechanical part of the nativity scene was 

treated in accordance with the old-time practices of master axemen. Along with 
the restoration work, a historic survey was conducted. 

Additionally, a 3D model of the nativity scene mechanism was produced in 
cooperation with Klaus Brandl, a specialist advisor and restorer from Liechtenstein.

“The work on the project was also like a unique meeting and everybody who 
contributed to the implementation was like a pebble in a mosaic vital for the 
project implementation. The hours of consultations and discussions within the 
project are countless. Now, the legacy of the unique nativity scene made by 
Probošt can be handed over further on, as its creator would have definitely 

Silvie Dušková, project manager

Project promoter
Town of Třebechovice 
pod Orebem (CZ)

Czech Association of 
Nativity Scene Friends