The Centre is located in the first courtyard of the chateau in the building of  
the former horse stables. Monumental pillared halls were turned into 
lecture halls and rooms on the first floor and in the loft are now used for 
accommodation purposes. Participants of study visits here will focus not only  
on administration, renovation and development of the UNESCO monument,  
but also on cultural and rural development issues in the Czech Republic and 
Central Europe. Thanks to the cooperation of six partner universities from  
the Czech Republic, Norway and Canada, Český Krumlov will become an official 
Central-European centre for rural development study and cooperation in Central 
European cultural studies will deepen.

Český Krumlov  

Castle – Study 


Project promoter 
National Heritage 
Institute (CZ)

The Norwegian University 
College for Agriculture  
and Rural Development – 
Faculty of Agriculture and  
Rural Development (NO)

Dalhousie University,  
Faculty of Arts and Social 
Sciences (CAN)

Czech Technical University  
in Prague, Faculty of 
Architecture (CZ)

Charles University, 
Environment Centre (CZ)

Academy of Performing Arts 
in Prague, Dancing Research 
Institute, Music and Dance 
Faculty (CZ)

University of South Bohemia  
in České Budějovice,  
Faculty of Arts (CZ)

City of Český Krumlov (CZ)

Foundation of the Baroque 
Theatre at the Český Krumlov 
Castle (CZ)