Return of Historic 

Airplanes to Glorious 

Hangars No. V and VI 

AERO at Letňany

The “Old Aero” (Stará Aerovka) premises are one of few aviation premises 
preserved as a whole until today, being an example of architecture connected 
with both the beginnings of Czechoslovak aviation and the development of aircraft 
technology during the World War II. Hangar No. V was built as part of construction 
of new premises for AERO in 1940–1941 and currently houses an exposition of 
bomber and fighter planes and fighter bombers from collections of the Military 
History Institute Prague (VHÚ), dating back to World War II through to the 1980s. 
Hangar No. VI is the very first AERO hangar for assembling and test-flying aircraft. 
After a recent demanding reconstruction, the Aero history exhibition has been 
moved there. 

On 30 April 2016, the “Old Aero” premises finally opened to the general public.  
In the 48


 museum season of the Kbely Aviation Museum, which the “Old Aero” 

exposition is part of, the premises were visited by 70,000 people. The Museum is 
open in the summer season from May till October.

“The whole project was running for more than a year and a half and its outcome 
exceeded our expectations. The 
Old Aero has become a regular venue 
for aviation fans, school excursions, as well as for people looking for non-
traditional trip spots from the entire republic. It was an honour for LOM PRAHA to 
contribute to such a significant project and for me a great experience and affair 
of the heart. For future generations we have managed to save a place where 
Czechoslovak aviation was born almost one hundred years ago. Many thanks 
belong to the EEA and Norway Grants, without the help of which implementation 
would have not been possible.”

Věra Polanecká, project manager

Project promoter 

Military History Institute 
Prague (CZ)