DW7, o.p.s.  

Olomouc (CZ)

Dansearena nord

Hammerfest (NO)

“During the season 2015/2016 we staged 6 exclusive productions of 
contemporary performing arts in Olomouc which provided the audience 
insight into the present Norwegian dance scene. The productions, as well as 
the workshops and discussions, were very popular among the audience  
and received a great personal response. The project also involved Czech 
artists who were stationed in Hammerfest for a month-long creative 
residency. The outcomes of the Nordspiration project are newly acquired 
personal connections, great cultural experiences and an exchange of 
knowledge and skills which will resonate in all those who were touched by 
this wave of Nordic inspiration.”

Simona Vičarová, coordinator of Nordspiration 

“Through this exchange we mirrored our mindset, our artistic practice, and 
our way of reflecting: a process that is ever so important to both the artists 
involved as well as us as an organization.”

Susanne Naess Nielsen, Dansearena nord

DW7 is a public service organization working in the field of cultural and community 

activities. The main goal is organization of various activities, mostly in contemporary 

dance and theatre. Among the main tasks of DW7 are the international Flora Theatre 

Festival, running the scene Divadlo na cucky, Gallery W7 and community garden