Programme CZ02 

“Biodiversity, Monitoring and Climate Change” was  

a complex programme focused on three areas: biodiversity and ecosystem 
services, environmental monitoring and integrated planning and control,  
and adaptation to climate change. The main objective was to support  
projects whose activities would contribute to halting the loss of biodiversity  
in the Czech Republic.

Programme CZ02 contributed to those environmental areas with nearly  
EUR 13.8 million in an open call for proposals and enabled the support of  
35 projects and 23 additional activities that expanded the cooperation  
with partners from donor states.


 Standing behind the great results that have 

been seen across the Czech Republic in the period 2014–2017 is also mutual 
inspiration and cooperation with partner institutions from 

Norway and Iceland.

In addition to the allocation for the open call, an amount of 

EUR 2 million was 

earmarked to finance projects in the so-called 

Small Grant Scheme, supporting 


nearly 50 projects of a smaller financial size, focused on action plans  

for endangered species.

Within the three programme areas, 

a number of various activities could be 

implemented, from research projects focused on biodiversity loss or landscape 
fragmentation, through activities raising awareness on biodiversity to projects 
exploring climate change adaptation. Thanks to Programme CZ02, it was 
possible to support projects whose results have, inter alia, a direct impact on 
sectoral policies and legislation, and help prevent fragmentation of ecosystems. 



  The call for proposals of additional activities of projects is open until the end of July 2017. 

  Therefore, the final data may vary.


CZ02 – Biodiversity, 
Monitoring and Climate 

Programme Areas

Biodiversity and Ecosystem 

Environmental Monitoring 
and Integrated Planning 

Adaptation to Climate 

Eligible Applicants 

Legal entities (self-
governing territorial 
units, associations of 
municipalities, NGOs, 
contributory organisations, 
state organisational 
bodies, science and 
research institutions, state 
organisations and state-
owned enterprises)


Projects were implemented 
in the period 2014–2017.