“In the implementation phase, our general impression is that there has been  
a good mix of very concrete projects aiming at quite tangible results, as well as 
processes designed to lead to improved compliance with relevant legislation, 
and also with projects aiming at raising awareness and knowledge.

It has been particularly interesting to visit selected projects in various parts  
of the Czech Republic. We have experienced realistic and well-planned uses of 
the bilateral funds, and good plans for publicity as well. 

The Programme CZ02 has included a pre-defined project to which NEA has 
been the main partner. The feedback from those that have been involved in 
this PDP from our side is exclusively positive. The Programme CZ02 has also 
included a Small Grants Scheme with very concrete and tangible activities 
like implementation of and/or the working out of action plans for selected, 
vulnerable and threatened species in the Czech Republic. We consider this  
to be a significant contribution towards the overriding objective of ‘halting  
the loss of biodiversity’.

The collaboration has given us unique opportunities to better get to know 
another country

,s culture, traditions, values, legislation, management system, 

etc., and it is our hope that our partners on the Czech side will have the same 
perception about us. In this way, this cooperation has certainly led to an 
improved, mutual awareness and understanding, as well as to the development 
of trust, mutual pleasure and friendship.”

Elisabeth Jernqvist & Svein Terje Baatvik  
Norwegian Environment Agency

Bilateral Cooperation with the Norwegian 

Programme Partner