Project title 

Project promoter 

Project partner(s) 

Grant (EUR)

Working visit of Norwegian 

Institute of Vertebrate 

Naturhistorisk museum, 



partner connected with  

Biology ASCR  

Universitetet i Oslo

participation at workshop

“Genetic collections and 

biodiversity research and 

conservation” at IVB CAS

Study visit to DNA Bank,  

Institute of Vertebrate 

Naturhistorisk museum, 



Natural History Museum,  

Biology ASCR 

Universitetet i Oslo

University of Oslo, Norway

Study visit to Global  

Institute of Vertebrate 

Global Genome Biodiversity



Genome Biodiversity  

Biology ASCR 


Network, Berlin, Germany



Faculty of Science, 



Charles University in Prague

Creation of environmental 

Mendel University 

Faculty of Science,



education programs for  

in Brno 

Charles University in Prague

the study of the response to 

climate change

Development of strategy for 

Nature Conservation Agency 




mitigation of river fragmentation 

of the Czech Republic

impact in the hydrological 


Norsk institutt for naturforskning

network of the Czech republic



T. G. Masaryk Water Research



Actual damage extent of forest  

Administration of 

Czech Geological Survey



and water ecosystems on the 

the National Park Vrchlabi

territory of SAC Krkonoše and 


IFER-Institute of Forest 

harmonisation of a basic monitoring  

Ecosystem Research, Ltd.

network for observing their further

development as fundamental data

set for improving their management

towards their higher stability

and biodiversity