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Czech Union for Nature 
Conservation – Basic 
Organization Veronica 
(Ecological institute)
Brno (CZ)

Oslo and Akershus 
University College of 
Applied Sciences (HiOA) 
Oslo (NO)

VŠB – Technical University 
of Ostrava, Faculty of Safety 
Ostrava (CZ)

National Network of Local 
Action Groups in the Czech 
Benešov (CZ)

Local Action Group Opavsko
Hradec nad Moravicí (CZ)

The main objective of the project was to create and apply tools for integrating 
climate change adaptation into regional development strategies for rural areas, 
and for enhancing their resilience. The proposals of adaptation measures are 
based on risks of natural as well as technological origin identified in the territory; 
it is therefore important to concentrate on negative changes and phenomena 
that will be caused or augmented by climate change. For that reason, the 
identification of potential threats (e.g. drought, floods, heat, forest fires, power 
supply interruptions) is the basic step in creating strategies for climate change 
adaptation. Next, assessment is made of the vulnerability of the territory to such 
threats, the possible impact they could have, and their likelihood. 

As the threats arising from climate change are manifold, the strategy of a 
territory should take into account mainly those that represent the most serious 
risks. The proposed procedure tested in the project is used primarily by Local 
Action Groups so that they can assess the vulnerability of their territory, weigh 
the suitable adaptation measures and then use them in creating their strategies. 

This methodology was used in practice by 24 Local Action Groups across  
the Czech Republic. Cooperation with the Norwegian partner helped to adapt 
and subsequently use a methodology for drawing up vulnerability analyses  
and for evaluating the quality of participation and reliability of the actors 
involved. To encourage the involvement of the young generation, a national 
school contest CO


 League took place.

The environmental institute Veronica is a professional centre of the Basic Unit of the Czech Union for 

Nature Conservation Veronica. Through its expert and educational activity it provides interpretation of 

specialised environmental topics. It deals both with urban and rural environment, in a broad scope from 

local detail up to international context. It operates an environmental consulting centre, the Veronica 

Hoštětín Centre, and puts out a magazine of the same name. 

Resiliency and adaptation to climate change 

in regional strategies