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The Nature Conservation 
Agency of the Czech 

Measures for stopping the loss of biodiversity 

at statewide and regional level 

The main aim of the project was to contribute to biodiversity protection in 
the Czech Republic. The project enabled the creation of new Red Lists for the 
groups: vascular plants, vertebrates and invertebrates, the preparation of one 
rescue programme (for the great bustard) and in total 7 regional action plans 
for endangered species of animals and plants across the Czech Republic. 

“From the start, we designed the regional action plans so that their output 
was not only the creation of the actual document but so that they contained 
a large number of field activities that would enhance protection of the target 
species. We always selected the subjects of the regional action plans so that 
the protection of one target species supported a number of other endangered 
species of plants or animals, which is the concept of ‘umbrella species’.

Surprisingly, we could already see a positive impact in 2016, i.e. during the 
second year of the project implementation. The absolute impact will, however, 
only become clear in the coming years.

During project implementation, we obtained a significant amount of precious 
knowledge that will be reflected in the proposals for biodiversity protection 
at the sites addressed. As part of publicity, we organised seminars informing 
of the project as well as focusing purely on the target species (western 
capercaillie, great bustard).”

Václav John, Nature Conservation Agency, Prague

The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic is a state organisational body and its territorial 

scope covers the whole of the Czech Republic. The range of its activities is very broad, primarily it 

ensures professional and practical care for nature, in particular for protected landscape areas, small-size 

protected areas, protected areas and special protection areas. It also works with the public and raises 

awareness of nature protection.