The aim of the project was to identify the current ecological status of wetlands 
of international importance including the state of their biodiversity, to identify 
the area and distribution of wetlands in the territory of the Czech Republic 
and to evaluate mutual links between wetlands and agriculture, wetlands 
and industrial mining, and wetlands and climate change. The project included 
activities increasing awareness among the public and school-age youth of the 
importance and function of wetlands in the landscape. The various project 
activities were designed with regard to the Ministry priorities and to the 
relevance of fulfilling international treaties on nature protection.

The project also enabled exchange of experience and enhanced cooperation 
between experts from the Czech Republic and Norway, mainly as part of the 
study visit for Norwegian partners, focused on experience with revitalisation 
of peatlands (in the Ore Mountains, in the Slavkovský les Protected Landscape 
Area and in the Šumava National Park), and by organising a study visit prepared 
by the Norwegian partners for Czech participants. That visit focused on the 
management of wetlands of Northern Norway and on environmental awareness 
and education concerning wetlands.

The project coordination and implementation of some sub-activities were the 
responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, while 
the implementation of specific activities was the task of partner organisations, 
i.e.: Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, Beleco, Czech 
Ornithological Society, ENKI, University of South Bohemia – Faculty of Agriculture, 
Norwegian Environmental Agency and the Crop Research Institute.

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Protection and Sustainable Use of Wetlands 

in the Czech Republic

Ministry of the 
Environment of 
the Czech Republic