Promotion of bilateral cooperation

Promotion of bilateral cooperation was already made possible within the project 
budgets where 3 out of the 4 projects had a Norwegian partner involved in  
the implementation. This cooperation consisted, in particular, in joint execution of 
specific research activities within the projects, including project meetings, bilateral 
workshops, seminars, expert field trips, as well as participation at international 
conferences in the Czech Republic, the Europe and the USA. 

In addition, the CZ08 programme (similarly to other programmes) included the 
Fund for Bilateral Relations at Programme Level. The allocation of CZK 5.1 million 
was used to support additional activities within the projects receiving support, 
which targeted, predominantly, further development of bilateral and international 
cooperation and, at the same time, promotion of results achieved by the CZ08 
programme projects. 

That project representatives actively participated in major international 
conferences, three of which were associated with bilateral workshops.  
These included for instance:



 Trondheim Conference on CO


 Capture, Transport and Storage (TCCS-8)  

in Trondhein (Norway), June 2015 

International Pittsburgh Coal Conference in Pittsburgh (USA), October 2015



 Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-13)  

and a Polish-Czech-Norwegian workshop on 

“Cooperation between forerunner 

and follower countries in CCS research: The example of Norway and the Czech 
 in Lausanne (Switzerland), November 2016. 



 Trondheim Conference on CO


 Capture, Transport and Storage (TCCS-9) 

 and a meeting in Trondheim (Norway), June 2017