Description of the grant recipient:

The main project promoters within the 

Masaryk University were Department of Geological Sciences of 

the Faculty of Science of the MU and Department of International Relations and European Studies of  

the Faculty of Social Studies of the MU.

For many years, the 

Institute of Geological Sciences has been dealing with a wide range of geological, 

geochemical, hydrogeological and environmental disciplines. It covers the field of geodynamic 

development of the Earth and the development of life from the Paleozoic era up to the presence, the 

processes of formation of igneous and metamorphic rocks and their minerals, geochemical development 

of the environment affected by human activities, hydrogeology, geoarcheology and landscape 

development in the Quaternary Period.

The Department of International Relations and European Studies focuses, in the long term, on social 

aspects of energy, energy security, influence of energy on international relations, how regulation affects 

the use of energy in the society, or how energy infrastructure is accepted at the local level.

Description of partners:

NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, is mainly responsible for tertiary 

education in science and technology in Norway and is a leading educational institution for engineers. 

The Deans of the Faculty of 

Science and the Faculty of 

Social Sciences are starting 

their exhibition in VIDA! science 

centre. Photo credit: Kateřina 


Discussion with public

(Příbram, 25. 1. 2016).

Photo credit: Martin Knížek

Block subject on CCS (Brno,  

17. 3. 2016). Photo credit:  

Martin Kopecký