Carbon Capture & Storage – Sharing Knowledge 

and Experience

The project was aimed at presenting, to both the general public and the expert 
community, the carbon dioxide capture and storage technology (CCS – Carbon 
Capture & Storage) in its generality and links to the global climate problems, and 
to reproduce experience with this technology from countries that have already 
introduced the CCS technology in practice.

The project implementation team was composed of experts on the issue coming 
from both the Faculty of Science (specialized technical terms of CCS) and the 
Faculty of Social Studies of the Masaryk University (economic and communication 
aspects of CCS).  The science-oriented part of the team collected relevant data 
of natural scientific and technical nature related to CCS technologies, building – in 
particular – on the lessons learnt about practical CO


 storage in Norway and the 

United States of America, and summarized also the ongoing activities in this field 
within the Czech Republic. The social science-oriented part of the team dealt with 
the methods of communicating this information to the public in order to enable 
the society to develop, based on the relevant data, a realistic idea about the risks 
and potential of CO


 storage in geosphere and, thus, make the society ready to 

initiate a possible discussion about the employment of these technologies in  
the Czech Republic. 

The project followed up on the priorities for scientific and research activities of 
the Masaryk University (MU) and its two faculties, the Faculty of Science and the 
Faculty of Social Studies, and opened possibilities for their further development 
and, where appropriate, establishing expert links. In the project, the promoter 
team benefited from the experience gained, from projects with similar focus, such 
from the project on “Energy infrastructure and its impact on energy security” 
financed by the MU Grant Agency. 

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Brno (Czech Republic)

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