Description of the grant recipient:

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague

The University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague is the most important research technology university 

in the Czech Republic, with a strong international reputation in education, science and research in all fields 

of chemistry, chemical and fuel material technologies, environmental protection technologies and foodstuff 

technologies. Its research activities focus on basic and applied research and custom-made research carried 

out for industrial companies. The University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague has ample experience  

with the commercialization of research results. It owns a number of patents and utility designs, many of which 

were implemented on an industrial scale. 

Description of partners:

ÚJV Řež, a. s.

ÚJV Řež, a.s. is a major technological engineering and research organization that contributes to the development 

of the sustainable energy sector, while respecting its environmental dimensions in the conditions of the Czech 

Republic. It focuses, in particular, on research and technological engineering services in the power industry 

which support long-term cost-efficient, ecological, safe and reliable operation of production plants operated by 

ČEZ, a.s., as well as other entities in the energy sector.

Czech Technical University in Prague

The Czech Technical University in Prague, as the largest technical university in the Czech Republic, or its 

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, to be more precise, focuses on tertiary education as well as on science 

and research in technical fields. The scientific research and creative technical activities are carried out as part 

of specific research, by solving projects financed from departmental resources, from grant agency resources, 

funds as well as international programmes, or by solving tasks under direct cooperation with the Czech 

Academy of Sciences, research institutes and the industry.

Equipment for tests of high 

temperature corrosion of 

structural materials samples. 

Photo credit: Marek Staf

Scheme of high temperature 

carbonate loop. Photo credit: 

Marek Staf