“The HITECARLO project allowed us to start research in a new area – high 
temperature CO


 sorption from gases. This issue follows up on the research of 

low temperature CO


 sorption from gases,which has been successfully dealt with 

by the main promoter’s facility for many years. The results of the HITECARLO 
project helped us to receive additional EU funds in order to continue in  
the research under the Coalbypro project. Students showed a great interest in 
participation in the relevant research activities.” 

Mr. Karel Ciahotný, Project Promoter, University of Chemistry 
and Technology Prague

“The project was beneficial based on its focus on the perspective method of 


 capture – the carbonate loop or, more specifically, the high temperature 

sorption – with which we have only had marginal experience so far. As part of 
the project, the promoter team of ÚJV Řež, a. s. developed a mathematical model 
of the carbonator to optimize its operation and prepared an engineering design 
of the carbonate loop testing installation. Negotiations with other entities were 
already initiated in order to implement the designed installation and commence 
experimental research in this area.” 

Jiří Štefanica, ÚJV Řež, a. s.

“The project significantly expanded the scope of CCS research which the Czech 
Technical University – Energy Institute deals with in a long term. The Czech 
Technical University (CTU) participated in this project by developing a numeric 
model and the subsequent conceptual design of a pilot carbonate loop unit  
for the future implementation of this unit in the CTU laboratories. The unit is  
now prepared for implementation in terms of concept and rating. The results  
and knowledge developed during the project were already used and will later  
be used in the preparation of other research projects aimed at further 
developing CCS research and in preparing the employment of this technology  
in the Czech practice.”

Jan Hrdlička, Czech Technical University in Prague